Zodiac Sign's Favorite Fast Food Chain

Charlotte Kirsten, professional Psychological Astrologer and founder of award-winning astrology & esoteric blog Typically Topical.

Aries: Chipotle

Tauruses prefer a fast food chain with the best coffee and warm, delicious delicacies to stay snug and sophisticated.

Taurus: Starbucks

McDonald's is excellent for Geminis on any day and any persona because they're bad at making judgments.

Gemini: McD's

On Sunday mornings, Cancers can be found wallowing in maple syrup-topped buttermilks."

Cancer: IHOP



They'll be ordering the biggest pizza with all the toppings to share with their adoring fans

CalPizzaKitchen: Leo

They'll be heading to the sushi bar where they can show off their mastery of chopsticks and admire the beauty of each bite.

Virgo: Sarku Japan Teriyaki

The chain's large range of healthy selections might help Libras feel good about their bodies.

Libra: Panera