Zodiac Signs and the Upcoming Life Transitions


Aries, you're going to have a very personal experience. It may be something you've been watching in the news, a disagreement amongst friends, or a mentorship program at your workplace.


You, Taurus, are on the verge of seizing control of your own destiny. There will be a major choice in front of you that will alter the course of your whole life. 


Gemini, when you look in the mirror, you will no longer recognize who you are.


Cancer, a person from a different background will challenge your worldview.


The next shift offers a break from your hectic social schedule, Leo. Perhaps you've caught a cold, or perhaps you're just sensible enough to know that you need some time off. 

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Virgo, the shift that is coming is one of letting go. We know you're just a regular guy who's striving to improve himself, and that the finest retribution is always a measure of your own success.


Libra, you'll feel more vital than ever before. You visit a new place or meet a new set of people, and immediately you feel a surge of energy and enthusiasm that you didn't know you'd been lacking. 

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