Zodiac Signs and Stress Management: What You Need to Know

 Aries, are a cardinal fire sign, thus self-assurance and initiative come easily to you. It's human nature to want to rush headlong into an issue while under pressure. 

Taurus As an earth sign governed by Venus, Taurus has a penchant for coziness. When things don't go as planned or when you have to make quick adjustments, you feel stressed.

Air is your element, Gemini. This will make you versatile and inquisitive. When you overcommit yourself or don't have enough mental stimulation, stress can creep up on you. 

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Cancer As a cardinal water sign, Cancer is naturally perceptive and in touch with their feelings. When your feeling of safety or domestic life is threatened, you tend to bottle up your emotions and internalize the stress.

As a fixed fire sign, Leo is known for their charisma, generosity, and love of the spotlight. Feeling unappreciated or unrewarded leads to feelings of stress. 

Virgo, are an earth sign with a reputation for keen observation, meticulousness, and a love of structure. When things seem chaotic or when you realize that perfection is impossible, stress can set in. 

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