What to Do If Your Dog Is Bored

Have fun on a daily basis Just 30 minutes of daily playtime can keep your dog active and content. Schedule some playtime with your dog to strengthen your bond.

Make time for five minutes here and ten minutes there if you're short on time. There will be a wonderful domino effect from all of your work.

Date your pet dog. Too many dogs go through life doing nothing except waking up, eating, sleeping, maybe playing a bit, eating some more, and sleeping some more.

Make it a goal to do something special for your pet at least once every three months, like taking them on a "date" That's less than once a month! The answer is yes. 

 Gather the family, pack a "doggy bag," and hit the road in search of excitement! Remember to bring a camera since you'll want to capture every moment of this trip for posterity.

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Create a portrait of your pet. Unfortunately, the average lifespan of a dog is just 10–17 years. Throughout the year, make it a point to stop and snap some memorable photos of your dogs. 

Celebration of pets Parties are fun for everyone. How frequently do you, however, celebrate your dog's birthday? Set a day to get together with your furry pals and social circle for a special occasion.

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