What Do Deer Sleep Like? Best Places to Spend Your Bucks

Every deer hunter who has ever jumped a buck when it was bedded knows that bucks don't spend much time sleeping.

 While dozing off, a deer's primary responsibility is to remain still and watch its surroundings for potential threats. 

" To successfully fill a deer tag, it is helpful to be familiar with the most productive bedding areas where deer congregate each day. Then, let's go straight into them.

It takes considerable exploring on foot to find a buck's or a herd of does' precise sleeping place. However, the following list will save you a lot of time and effort by directing you to the most productive general resources first.

Whitetail bucks prefer to rest in areas where they can see just above or through the grass, such as CRP, goldenrod, and marsh or prairie grasses. 

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Hillside Benches: A deer can feel safe resting on any level surface on a hill or slope. Bucks often retreat to dense cover when threatened, and a blowdown provides the perfect spot for this. 

 Whitetails like to sleep in fields of thick natural grass, CRP, or goldenrod on the prairie or in farms, where they may conceal their bodies while still keeping an eye on their surroundings.

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