Warning Signs An Aries Is Not Suitable For A Relationship

They say Aries may be a bit of a hothead. They are fearless in the face of a raging argument and choose action to inactivity.

Think of a night in with some friends and some games. You shouldn't become involved with an Aries if you're looking for a mate who will sit quietly and avoid conflict at all costs.

True feelings are expressed by Aries. They won't go out of their way to avoid upsetting you, but they also won't keep things to themselves. In the eyes of the overly sensitive, they may be "too much."

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Some signs are more dominant than others and want to steer the relationship or their partner. You'll be disappointed if you try to do it with an Aries. 

It's easy for an Arian to set and reach their objectives. They've planned out the future they desire for themselves. 

It's not that they enjoy conflict for its own sake. Simply put, Aries enjoys a good argument for its own sake. They like a good, friendly competition with the people in their lives. 

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