Top 7 Zodiac Signs That Are Unlucky In Love


Because Cancers tend to be very emotional and sensitive, they are often more susceptible to experiencing heartbreak and disappointment in romantic relationships.


Virgos have the potential to have high standards and have a tendency to overanalyze relationships, both of which can lead to feelings of self-doubt and difficulties in finding the ideal mate.


Because Aquarians place a high importance on their independence and the freedom it affords them, they may have a more difficult time than other signs developing close and serious love relationships.


Pisceans are sympathetic and inventive, but their sensitive nature and desire to idealize relationships may often lead to disappointment in love. 


Although Geminis are kind and adaptable, they may struggle to settle down because of their restlessness and need for change.

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Sagittarians have a tendency to wander aimlessly, which might make it difficult for them to find a partner for the long haul.


Even while Scorpios feel deeply and have a strong urge to connect with others, these traits can cause friction in their relationships and add stress to their mental health.

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