Top 7 Most Dangerous Cats in the World

The Savannah Cat

The serval, a wild feline native to Africa, was crossed with a domestic cat to create the intriguing hybrid breed known as the Savannah cat.

Agile Athletes of the Abyssinian

Abyssinian cats are like feline acrobats because of their lithe and powerful builds. 

Wild Beauty: The Bengal

The Bengal cat is a beautiful and exotic-looking hybrid of a domestic housecat and an Asian leopard cat.

The Sphynx

The Sphynx cat's lack of fur isn't indicative of its lack of courage. This hairless species is naturally curious and eager to discover the world. 

Daredevils of the Voice

These cats are fearless show-stoppers, and their antics and vocalizations have earned them their reputation.

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The Maine Coon

Although Maine Coons have a reputation for being docile, don't underestimate them. 

The Cornish Rex

The distinctively curly coat of the Cornish Rex breed is one of its most endearing features. 

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