Top 7 Coffee Shops in the US City of Cartagena

Fill in somTobacco Coffee 

In addition to being one of Cartagena's prettiest cafés, this one also happens to be one of the city's most picturesque. 

San Alberto

Located in the heart of Colombia's coffee region, this farm is run by a small family and produces only the finest coffee. 

Espresso Bar Epocao

Epoca is the best place in Cartagena to get a cup of high-quality coffee. Stylish in and of itself, the café also offers prime people-watching opportunities from its outside seating areas.

Mural Cafe

Even if coffee isn't your thing, the scenery outside Cafe del Mural is worth a visit. 

Unending Cup of Joe

Espresso and liquor? What else could you possibly want? Boundless Coffee, a combination café and mezcal bar, is one of Cartagena's most intriguing hangouts. 

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Colombian Coffee with a Folkloric Twist

If you're craving a robust breakfast, Folklore Colombian Coffee is the way to go. 

Step Cafe

Café Stepping Stone is the place to go in Cartagena if you're searching for a local business that gives back. 

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