Top 7 Classic Ice Cream Truck Treats

Sundae cones were my childhood staple. Before my parents joined Sam's Club, we bought them by the box from the ice cream truck.

1. Drumstick

Klondike Bars are simple—vanilla ice cream in a firm chocolate coating.

Klondike bar

I liked Push-Ups since ice cream trucks often have a lot of chocolate. On hot days, they were juicier and tarter.

3. Pushup

Fudge pops are for chocolate-lovers who don't want chocolate. I love how creamy these delights are.

4. FudgePop



I never ordered strawberry shortcake bars on a stick as a kid, but I had one a few years ago and was pleasantly surprised.

Strawberry Shortcake

Ice cream sandwiches are delicious. Despite freezing, the thin chocolate cookies stay soft and pillowy

Ice-cream sandwich

Firecracker popsicles were always my July 4th pleasure. I'm less patriotic now than when I was eight

7. Firework