The Top Four Self-Controlled Astrological Signs

Aquarians have the ability to juggle many tasks at once with remarkable ease. It's as though they can do a thousand things at once. Saturn, the planet of discipline and commitment, rules them.

Saturn, the planet of duty, practicality, and openness to learning, also rules Aquarius's opposite sign, Capricorn. As a member of an earth sign, they tend to be down-to-earth, sensible, and solution-oriented. 

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Leos have incredible determination because the sun is their ruling planet. They have a fixed mode of operation, so even when things go rough, they can keep their heads down and their sights set squarely on the objective.

Virgos are trustworthy, practical, and problem solvers by nature, as they are earth signs. They are a primary mode and have an innate will to succeed.

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