The Three Zodiac Signs That Are Extremely Private

Cancer Cancer is highly sensitive and protective of their own space. The crab, the symbol of Cancer, tends to retreat inside. Cancers, like crabs, tend to retreat into their own little spaces when they feel threatened.

Scorpio Self-preservation is highest on the Scorpio's list of concerns, and they go to great lengths to ensure their own safety by maintaining an air of secrecy. 

A Scorpio will never show their hand before it's time. When it comes to sharing information, Scorpio is extremely selective. Trust is something Scorpio expects to work for. 

 Virgo When given the option, Virgo would rather spend time alone. This earth sign does best when left alone since that's when they can truly be themselves.

Virgo relies on alone time to do the soul-searching and life-evaluating that they so much require. It all makes sense when you consider that Virgo's tarot card is The Hermit.

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