The Secrets of the Zodiac Signs

Aries Aries are known to put up a brave front, but below that they frequently harbor insecurities and a dread of failing. People who worry about being judged as weak by others tend to keep their concernhemselves.

Taurus The emotional aspect of a Taurean is often buried deep. Those who require emotional comfort and affection but are afraid to show it frequently present a harsh and practical picture to the world.

Gemini Geminis are very good at covering up their inner turmoil and indecision. They appear easygoing and flexible on the outside, yet they may actually be worried and thoughtful on the inside.

As a sign, Virgo is secretly critical of themselves and strives for perfection. They want perfection from themselves but rarely show their inner turmoil. 

Libra As a rule, Libras are good at covering up their feelings and avoiding confrontation. Although they appear to be peaceful and balanced, they have difficulty making decisions and standing up for themselves. 

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Scorpios are very private about their feelings and vulnerabilities. They can out as gruff and mysterious on the outside, but are actually quite sensitive. 

Sagittarius Sagittarians have a reputation for being free spirits who secretly fear commitment.

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