Each sign of the zodiac has its own unique romantic phobia

ARIES: You can't stand feeling exposed. You're nervous about letting someone into your life and showing them who you really are.mselves.

TAURUS: As a result, you tend to avoid it. The thing that's stopping you from getting close to others is probably your own personal comfort zone. 

GEMINI: You're worried about settling down. When it comes to romantic partners, you're a Gemini who likes to keep their choices open. 

CANCER: You worry that others won't treat you the same. When you love as a parent archetype, you give yourself completely to that love. 

LEO: You worry that you'll have to tame your enthusiasm. Your passion for all things romantic and expressive makes you a fitting ruler of the fifth house.

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VIRGO: You're worried that you won't measure up. You tend to keep others at a distance and cloak yourself in barriers you've erected. 

Sagittarius You're afraid of being too dependent on another person, LIBRA. The thought of losing oneself in love again is your greatest dread. 

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