The rise of food blogging and other types of social media-based food documentation 

The goal of food photography is to convey the aesthetic attractiveness of foods by emphasizing their colors, textures, and presentation.

Smoothie bowls, colorful salads, and indulgent desserts are just a few examples of the kind of foods that have seen a surge in popularity thanks to the advent of social media platform Instagram.

Many influential people on social media got their start by posting photos of the cuisine they prepared, the places they visited, and the items they promoted.

Food photography on social media platforms frequently features recipes. It's not uncommon for users to post photos of their creations with the recipe and directions for how to make it.

Discover new recipes, trendy eateries, and get ideas for your own cooking thanks to the abundance of mouthwatering food photos shared on social media sites like Instagram.

Restaurants use food photography as a promotional tool to display their offerings, draw in new customers, and build brand awareness. 

Photographers that specialize in food employ a wide range of props and styling techniques to create more appetizing-looking photographs. 

People are often motivated to visit to places with distinctive food cultures, popular street foods, or well-known restaurants after seeing photos of those establishments on social media.

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