The Love Lessons of the Zodiac Signs


Love remains even after a relationship ends. It's not like turning on a light that can be done at will. 


Too much nostalgia for the past might bring up unpleasant memories. Even whether you're only thinking about a prior partner as you drift off to sleep at night or fantasizing about your favorite TV show while you work.


True love has no place for silence. Sure, peace and quiet are possible. There may just be a faint buzz between you and another person, but it doesn't imply the room is silent. 


There's no requirement that you "love yourself first." That is not just an unhelpful misconception, but also an untruth. Learning to love and care for oneself is a process that might last a lifetime. 


Pretending to love someone is not the same as truly loving them. When you're feeling romantically invested in someone, you may feel compelled to take particular actions. 

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No matter how much we'd like to pretend otherwise, timing is crucial. The timing of your encounters with others isn't always ideal.


It's a decision to love. It's not about whom you love, but rather the act of love itself. 

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