The effects of sleep deprivation on hunger hormones and metabolic rate

Appetite hormones like ghrelin and leptin are controlled in large part by how well you sleep.

Lack of sleep is linked to increased levels of the hunger hormone ghrelin and decreased levels of the satiety hormone leptin, both of which contribute to an increased appetite. 

Sleep deprivation has deleterious effects on metabolism and energy consumption.

Lack of sleep can impair one's ability to regulate emotions, increasing the possibility that one would resort to food for solace. 

Appetite, metabolism, and energy balance are all regulated by the body's natural circadian rhythm, which can be thrown off by a disturbed sleep-wake cycle.

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Muscle Maintenance: Quality sleep is essential for muscle repair, development, and preservation. 

Quality sleep can help you maintain other healthy lifestyle habits like exercising regularly and eating nutritious meals on a regular basis. 

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