The Best Dog Breed for Each Zodiac Sign


The Thai Ridgeback, a hardworking breed that has been around for at least 350 years, is known for its boundless energy and tendency toward restlessness. 


This breed is perfect for the laid-back Taurus, as they tend to be quiet and mellow.


The gregarious Siberian Husky, famed for its distinctive appearance and large, expressive eyes, is a perfect match for the gregarious Gemini.


This dog, aptly named the "velcro Vizsla" for its propensity to connect to its human companions, is the ideal companion for a sensitive Cancer. 


The Chow Chow is the king of the canine kingdom; he or she is bold, confident, and fearless. 

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They call for rigorous mental and bodily exertion. The Border Collie, like a Virgo, is always on the move. 


The Papillon is a friendly, outgoing pet that gained fame in the 16th century when it was painted into paintings. 

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