The Astrological Reasons Why You Avoid Romance

Aries You avoid relationships because you worry you won't have enough time for your other priorities if you commit to one person.

Gemini You avoid love because you've had bad experiences in the past and don't want to risk having the same thing happen again.

Cancer You avoid relationships because your poor self-esteem makes you believe that no one will ever like you or be with you for very long.

Leo You avoid love because you doubt its value and don't want to waste your time on it.

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Virgo You avoid relationships because you fear losing control and would sooner suffer the emotional pain of heartbreak than wait for someone else to do it to you.

Libra You avoid romantic relationships because you worry that you will always be the only one putting in effort, and you don't want that to be for nothing.

Scorpio You avoid love because you are too pessimistic to believe that a relationship can succeed no matter how hard you try to make it work.

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