The 7 Best Saturday Night Recipes, Always

Pizza on a Flatbread

Need something to top off your perfect Saturday? Here's the solution: our recipe for Flatbread Pizza. 

Spicy Vodka Penne

When you can cook penne alla vodka as good as you'd get at an upscale Italian restaurant in your own home, why go out? Our recipe is so simple to follow that you'll think you're a master cook after making it.

Salad pizza

Prepare for a flavorful Saturday night feast with a pizza salad that combines the fresh crunch of a salad with the tempting flavor of pizza. 

Norma's Pasta

Have a craving for some hearty Italian fare? Our spaghetti alla Norma is the best comfort dish you'll ever eat. This recipe will warm you up from the inside out because to the combination of the soft pasta, rich tomato sauce, and crisp eggplant.

Napoletana Pizza

This Neapolitan pizza recipe is perfect for pizza lovers. It's the ideal food for a low-key Saturday night in with its chewy dough, fresh toppings, and savory tomato sauce.

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Pie, Chocolate

If you're looking for a truly indulgent dessert, go no further than this chocolate pie. o. 

Crispy Potatoes

Try our potato skins recipe if you're a fan of potatoes. These skins will satiate your needs since they are stuffed with melty cheese and a dab of sour cream.

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