Quick and Easy Chicken Dishes for the Whole Family

Colombian Chicken Drumstick Chicken thighs from Colombia Taste the vivid and vivacious flavors of Colombian cooking. The chicken is delicious because to the marinade's tangy flavor, which comes from the combination of lime, garlic, and spices.

Marbella Chicken Taste the lovely harmony of sweet and salty in this recipe inspired by the Mediterranean.

Chicken Paprikash Smoky paprika adds a new dimension of flavor to this traditional chicken meal.

Teriyaki Chicken Kabobs for the Stovetop Delicious and quick-to-prepare chicken kabobs marinated in Teriyaki sauce and cooked on a stovetop.

Baked Chicken with Potatoes and Buttermilk The bright potatoes and tender chicken in this easy and comfortable dish are sure to please. 

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Tender chicken, cornmeal, and a blend of spices are wrapped in a banana leaf and steamed to perfection to create the Colombian delicacy known as tamales.

Taste a tasty and nutritious take on stuffed peppers by using lean ground chicken as the protein source. This dish makes for a wonderful and healthy lunch because to its generous use of fragrant herbs and spices.

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