Quick and Easy Dishes That Prove Eating Well Can Be Fun

Stir-Fried Salmon Fresh and tangy, this dish is so packed with vegetables that rice is almost superfluous.

Salad with Spicy Thai Chicken Almost as crunchy as real Thai Larb Gai thanks to the addition of toasted peanuts.

Lemon Pepper Salmon Season, bake, and it's all done - everyone loves this. Like Anya said in a comment: "The perfect quick, healthy meal! Can't believe how simple and unbelievably yummy this was." Get the recipe from always use butter

Tofu and Red Curry in a Stir-Fry This vegetarian curry has tons of flavor, and it even includes tofu as a source of protein.

salad with roasted sweet potatoes If you normally don't enjoy salads, perhaps this hot version will change your mind. Served with a tasty Tahini Dressing on top.

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Spanish Chicken Stew with Rosemary & Lemon Rotisserie chicken makes this delicious stew a quick weeknight dinner.

Halloumi and Potato Stir-Fry This is unlike any stir-fry you've ever tasted. A delicious and nutritious option for a weeknight meal, thanks to the abundance of vegetables and the addition of halloumi.

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