Procedure for microwaving sweet potatoes

When compared to white potatoes, sweet potatoes are the healthier option. They have more vitamins and minerals and are richer in fiber. 

First and foremost, sweet potatoes are a tasty and reassuring comfort food. They are great on their own as the main course and may be topped with meat or vegetarian options, but they also make a great addition to any meal. 

The microwave is one of the quickest methods to prepare a sweet potato. It's quick and simple, perfect for a satisfying midday meal. We adore air fryers, but they might be too dry for sweet potatoes. 

However, after just a few minutes in the microwave, the potatoes will be tender and fluffy. Yhot potato topped with anything you have lying around the house, from leftover beef ragu to sour cream and butter. 

Check to see whether the potato is mushy all the way through by poking it with a fork. If not, return to the microwave and cook at 1-minute intervals until tender.

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 Cooking periods will differ based on the microwave's strength and the size of the potato. From 5 to 15 minutes is possible. Regular checks and timing adjustments will yield the finest outcomes. 

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