Preparing Your Dog for the Arrival of a New Baby

Preparing your dog for the arrival of a new baby Because of their social nature as pack animals, dogs can be easily confused by the introduction of an unfamiliar new member to the pack. 

Be on the lookout for any hostile behavior and take fast action to stop it. Dogs with strong attachments to their owners may experience sadness and/or loss of appetite. 

Ahead of the birth of your child Before bringing your newborn home, there are steps you can do to help your dog adjust to the new fragrance. 

Let your dog explore the space and investigate the new items. Distribute bottles of baby wash and powder throughout the home.

Newborn's arrival at home When your newborn arrives home, the dog must be strictly forbidden from entering the baby's room. 

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Your dog will earn the right to smell the infant if he or she demonstrates appropriate behavior toward the new family member. 

Some dogs may never warm up to kids, no matter how much effort is put into socializing them. Dogs who were raised in a household with children seldom display any negative behavioral issues as adults. 

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