Pennsylvania's Top 7 Online Steakhouses

Barclay Prime, Philadelphia

Barclay Prime, operated by celebrity chef Stephen Starr, is a top-tier dining establishment. 

Center Valley's Top Cut Steakhouse 

Having dinner and drinks at this upscale establishment will seem like a special event in and of itself.

1700 Degrees, Harrisburg

If you're looking for a steakhouse that manages to be both comfortable and elegant, 1700 Degrees is the place to go. 

Easton's Fourteen Steakhouse

You can tell you're in a historic part of Easton because the Three Oak Steakhouse has all the charm you'd want to find. 

The Blue Grille in Bethlehem

The tagline of Blue Grillhouse, "our food isn't just enjoyed, it's experienced," should give you a good idea of what kind of night you can expect to have there.

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Bridget's in Ambler

This Ambler staple modernizes the steakhouse by placing an emphasis on creative cooking methods and hearty, flavorful cuts of meat.

Philadelphia's own Butcher & Singer

This "Old Hollywood" restaurant is the place to go for steak in Philadelphia. 

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