This five-move routine was vital in helping  build core strength

This five-move routine was vital in helping me build core strength. Exercises targeting the abdominal region are not just for athletes or people under the age of 30.

Begin by laying down on the mat with your arms extended over your head, your legs outstretched, and your feet flexed.

As you curl your chin and chest forward and lift your arms above, take a deep breath in. As you roll your complete body up and over your legs while keeping your abs engaged and reaching for your toes, exhale as you do so.

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Inhale as you begin rolling your spine back down one vertebra at a time, and exhale as the top section of your back lowers and your arms reach pack above. 

Begin by laying on your side in a straight line, with your shoulder piled over your elbow and resting on your forearm. 

Engage your core as you bring your toes up to your hand and reach as far as you can. After that, bring the legs to the starting position and elevate the arm. 

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