Mood Levels According to Zodiac Sign

Aquarius Those born under the Aquarius sun sign are known for being logical thinkers who place a premium on intelligence and reason. 

Capricorn Capricorns are often motivated by a combination of realism, ambition, and the long view. 

Gemini Geminis are naturally inquisitive and flexible, and they generally take an analytical approach to problems. Even if they feel emotions, they may appear less emotional because they are able to briefly disengage from their feelings in order to evaluate circumstances more rationally.

Virgo As a sign, Virgo is known for being down-to-earth and methodical, with an emphasis on efficiency and rationality. 

Leos are extroverted and unafraid to convey their feelings, whether it's happiness, excitement, or even rage. However, they might not always dive deeply into the depths of their feelings, instead opting to focus on exterior manifestations, which could give the impression that they are less emotional.

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The earthy and sensuous Taureans are noted for their appreciation of the finer things in life. They feel things intensely but may not always show it since they are more reserved and steady in their emotions.

Cancer Cancers tend to be very perceptive and feeling. When compared to other indicators, they may come across as more emotional because of the breadth and depth of their emotional experiences and the honesty and empathy with which they communicate their sentiments. 

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