Indulge in These 7 Delectable Las Vegas Dishes Today

Golden Steer Steakhouse's Petite

Filet Mignon with Lobster This version of the classic surf-and-turf dish is sophisticated yet easy to prepare. 

Eggslut, by the Brunch Baps

The morning baps and buns on display there are the culinary pinnacle of hedonism. You may find them at the Cosmopolitan

Hattie B's Famous Hot Fried Chicken

You won't find better fried chicken than at this little restaurant. The chicken is sizzling, and all the classic toppings are present. 

Brick oven pizza 

Brick ovens are used to prepare these pizzas, which feature whole milk mozzarella and other fresh ingredients. 


It's a guarantee that Las Vegas will be hot, so cooling down with ice cream is a great idea. 

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24-Layer Chocolate Cake

There are twenty-four layers of chocolate cake, each layered with luscious buttercream.

Grille's Double-Cut Lamb Chops

A really decadent experience is a supper at one of the city's best restaurants. 

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