Incontrovertible Astrological Proof That You're Falling for the Wrong Person


Lack of independence in a potential partner is a major warning sign. You require a partner who recognizes your desire for independence and appreciates the fact that you have many passions and interests that you refuse to put on hold.


A person who shows evidence of inconsistency, such as failing to follow through on commitments or failing to return calls when they say they will, is not someone you want in your life.


If you're looking for a profound emotional connection in a partner, you won't find it in someone who has trouble expressing their feelings.


When your efforts aren't being returned, Cancer, you should quickly and dramatically change course.


Not spending enough quality time with someone is a major red flag. Feeling ignored is a sure indicator you're with the wrong person.

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As an expression of your affection, you perform acts of kindness for those you care about. You have already solved problems in your partners' life.


If you find yourself going out of your way to please the person you're falling for, Libra, you're probably in the wrong relationship. 

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