Which Bones Are Safe for Dogs?

Don't eat the skeleton Getty Images dog with Thanksgiving turkey. Your dog should not consume any kind of cooked bone, including bones from table leftovers. They splinter and shatter readily.

Commercially accessible bone treat items like Ham Bones, Pork Femur Bones, Rib Bones, and Smokey Knuckle Bones were linked to 35 cases of canine illnesses in 2015.

If you're thinking of buying your dog some chews or bones from the shop, it's essential to check with your vet first to be sure you're obtaining something that will be healthy and safe for your dog.

Rawhide chews can lead to the same health problems as commercial bone treats. These bones may be contaminated with Salmonella or E. coli and may include traces of harmful chemicals from the production process.

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Gelatin, artificial sweeteners, and other chemicals and preservatives in fake dog chews have been linked to toxicity and even cancer in dogs. Don't chomp on anything containing those things.

ADogs aren't meant to eat the recreational bones; they're just for chewing. Marrow-filled huge bones come from animals like bison or cow and can be used in this way.

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