How to train your dog to sleep in on weekends

When our dogs get up really early, it's usually for one reason: they're starving. When they're hungry, there's no way you'll be able to sleep in.

Feeding your dog an hour later than normal might let them sleep in a bit later in the morning. Slowly shift the hours of breakfast and supper by 15 minutes every couple of days until there is an hour's difference between them.

Also, during the week, delay their breakfast as much as possible. Put off eating breakfast for at least half an hour. Your dog will learn that it's not mealtime whenever you're awake, and they may be less likely to wake you up for food in the future.

The desire to use the bathroom first thing in the morning is another time your dog may wake you up. Having kids go outside just before sleep is a simple solution to this problem. 

Veterinarians recommend that all dogs, regardless of breed or condition, get at least 30 minutes of daily activity. You may even practice indoor activities or play fetch in the backyard if it becomes too dark where you live.

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Make sure that the space you choose for your dog to sleep in each night is one that serves only that purpose. The vast majority of dogs are restful sleepers who are in sync with their acute senses. 

Make sure the shades in their bedroom are drawn to shield them from the early sun. If your dog has a sensitive hearing system, you should turn off the TV and put away any squeaky toys. 

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