How to Save Tons of Time When Slicing Cherry Tomatoes

There will never be out of date a clever culinary hack. It becomes widely circulated online once again, much to the joy of home cooks, every few years.

The great trick for peeling a mango, the tip for grating ginger, and the epiphany for perfectly portioned, round cookies are all things that anyone who has spent any amount of time looking for recipes and cooking advice online has seen. 

A wonderful method for quickly slicing a large quantity of cherry or grape tomatoes was widely circulated around five years ago, and I still use it to this day. It's a strategy I still use each summer.

This timesaving technique is useful in the kitchen and may be put to good use with any of the numerous applications for cherry or grape tomatoes. 

Cherry tomatoes may be used as a tasty topping for salads, as a jammy accompaniment to toast, or as a fast and savory pasta sauce when blistered in a skillet. 

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Cherry tomatoes are a wonderful addition to any home kitchen, but slicing them one by one may be a bit of a pain. Rather, you might try

Gather together two flat items, such as the tops of two quart-sized containers or two tiny plates. Put as many cherry tomatoes as you can on a single lid or platter.

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