How to Give Your New Puppy a Healthy Diet

What should a new puppy eat

When compared to the same brand's adult dog food, puppy food often has more protein and is fortified with vitamins, minerals, and lipids necessary for development.

Puppy food

It's more likely to include the supplemental nutrients a puppy requires until it reaches full maturity.

Feline specific diets

Puppy recipes designed for large breeds slow down their growth so that their joints and skeletons can mature properly.

When should start feeding dog

Puppies require a lot of food, but they shouldn't overeat. When you look down at them, you should be able to see their waist and feel their ribs. 

Start feeding my dog how much

If your puppy has a very large or small appetite, you may need to increase or decrease the recommended feeding amount on the dog food bag.

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What time of day should  give dog a meal

Your puppy is usually eating three or four times a day by the time he or she is 8 to 12 weeks old. 

The protein, fat, and calorie 

The protein, fat, and calorie content of your diet, whichever one you pick, should not be overemphasized.

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