How to Deal with Dog Urination and Marking in the Home

Marking may seem (and smell) like elimination, but the two processes are very different. If your dog has an accident in the home, whether because he or she can't hold it or because you're still working on housetraining, know that he or she is merely expressing the desire to go potty. 

Why dogs mark their territory Marking is often an innate activity. It nearly usually includes urine and occurs more frequently in males than females. 

This is your dog's way of asserting, "This is my territory." It might be the birth of a child or the purchase of a new vacuum cleaner. Seeing a squirrel run across the yard might be all it takes to trigger marking behavior. 

Before your dog reaches sexual maturity, spay or neuter it. That time can come as early as 6 months for some breeds. Because of this, they have less of a want to mark

Create an image of a trustworthy, caring leader for your dog to follow. By making your dog work for everything good in life, you'll show him who's really in charge. 

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If your dog has a tendency to mark in one specific location, you may help him or her stop doing so by playing his or her favorite game there or "hiding" food there.

Keep greets and reunions low-key if you think your dog is urinating out of excitement to see you at the end of each day. If you see that your dog becomes overly enthusiastic around guests or other people, ask them to do the same.

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