How modern pet technology has contributed to the health and happiness of man's best friend

The GPS tracking 

The GPS tracking capability of modern pet collars makes it possible for owners to watch their animals in real time and be alerted if they stray from a predetermined region.

Pet activity monitors

Pet activity monitors are analogous to human fitness trackers in that they keep tabs on a pet's movement, caloric expenditure, and resting hours.

Automatic feeders

Cat and dog owners with hectic schedules or those concerned about portion management will appreciate their ability to assist keep their pets on a consistent feeding schedule.

Interactive toys

Toys like treat distributing puzzles and interactive laser pointers may keep dogs entertained and their minds working while their owners are gone.


Pet cams enable owners to keep an eye on their furry friends from afar by broadcasting live video to a dedicated app on their smartphone. 

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Sensors or microchips 

Sensors or microchips installed in smart pet doors restrict access to the door to unwanted animals. 

 Pet health monitor

Vital signals including your pet's heart rate, breathing rate, and temperature may be monitored by a pet health monitor for early diagnosis of health problems. 

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