How many times a week should you walk in order to experience the benefits to your health? 

A recent study has some encouraging findings for weekend warriors about their chance of developing heart disease.

The United States Department of Health and Human Services suggests that adults participate in either 150 minutes of moderate to severe physical exercise or 75 minutes of vigorous activity each week.

However, a new study that was just published in the Journal of the American Medical Association indicated that exercising for 150 minutes over the course of one or two days can still produce gains for cardiovascular health that are comparable to those that come with exercising on more days.

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It is preferable to get some exercise at all, even if it's just on the weekends. In addition, recent studies have shown that doing out for longer lengths of time just on the weekends can yield health advantages

For instance, a recent research published in JAMA discovered that weekend warriors who worked out for 150 minutes over the course of one or two days had a 27% lower risk of heart attack and a 38% lower risk of heart failure. 

Ellinor emphasized that the research results are restricted since there is no assurance that the exercise routine that the participants followed during the week that they were watched continued to be followed by them in the years that followed.

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