Here Are Some of the Reasons Menopause Makes It More Likely That You Will Gain Belly Fat

To begin, hormones, and estrogen in particular, have a role in determining where extra fat is deposited in the body. When there is a sufficient quantity of estrogen circulating in the body, extra fat will be distributed throughout the breasts, butt, hips, and legs. 

 Nonetheless, after menopause, when there is a shortage of estrogen, that fat has a tendency to get distributed around the waist. 

If you exercise less, you require less food, which means it is simpler to overeat in comparison to what you can burn off. This is because your metabolism will slow down as well.

In particular, women (and men) around the age of middle age tend to start drinking more alcohol, which is a factor in the accumulation of belly fat.

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Another typical sign and symptom of menopause is bloating, which can make any genuine fat gain around the waist appear more worse. 

According to Dr. Parrella, during this time period, a significant number of people have food intolerances, which may only be transitory.

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