Here are 7 Amazing Tricks You Can Teach Your Dog


While your dog may already be lavishing you with kisses on a regular basis, you can now train them to do so whenever you like.

To Bark When Ordered

This is one of the trickier ones, therefore only the most dedicated dog owners should attempt it.

Join Hands

Among the many adorable dog tricks, "Shake Hands" stands out. It's one of the simplest techniques, and one of the simplest to teach.


Even though fetch is such a common pastime, not all dogs are born knowing how to perform it.


Be patient with your dog and give him or her time to catch on if you both wish to perfect this loving embrace. 

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Despite appearances, it's actually rather simple to teach your dog to spin when prompted.

Raise Your Hips Up High

This may seem like a job for the pros, but if you're a patient, determined dog parent, you can teach your pet this skill.

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