Full Moon in Capricorn Will Affect These 6 Zodiac Signs

Aries You'll have a lot of success if you alter the rules of the game. The focus of this Full Moon should be on taking back command of your ambitions. 

Taurus This travel is rewarding since it highlights your exceptional people skills. The Full Moon, however, would have you pay attention to your responsibilities so that you can fulfill them.

Cancer This passage can be linked to introspection about your personal development. The progress you've made in the previous six months is revealed by the Full Moon

Virgo One of the trants that will help you get in touch with your ego and talents this year is the Full Moon.

Libra You may feel off-kilter as this transit forms a square to your sign. But as the zodiac's harmonic balancer, you know how to strike a healthy middle ground. 

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Capricorn When the Full Moon occurs in your astrological sign, it ushers in a time of great expansion and possibility. 

Do not be reluctant to seek assistance or share your concerns with trusted individuals when the going gets tough.

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