Four Astrological Signs That Never Let Love Die

When it comes to friendship, no one does it better than a Leo, and every great love in the world has its roots in a strong friendship. 

Relationships are never hampered by obligations to work, family, or friends. They have forbidden it. 

Sagittarians have a deep capacity for emotion. They will want to relive the excitement of that first date, that first meet-cute, that first unforgettable moment.

After the initial excitement has subsided and a sense of calm has settled in, they hope to continue providing that emotional support and connection.

Scorpios like things hot and spicy. When it comes to the bedroom, they can't stand anything that becomes boring or routine.  

They want their spouse to know how much they are valued and loved all year round, not just around the holidays. They want their significant other to know it is truly from them.

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A Pisces has a rosy view of their lover that they can't help but share. They will constantly remind their spouse of the traits that first aroused their interest and the physical characteristics that first attracted them, even after the relationship has progressed further. 

They hope to use their time here to develop deep connections with others and experience love at its purest.

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