Forget sit-ups: bodyweight abdominal workouts that will crush your core

An alligator slithering along This exercise will strengthen your core as well as your shoulders, and it will also train your complete body, including your arms and shoulders.

 Sprawls This form of the burpee is easier on your lower back and does not need you to bring your chest down to the floor.

As you curl your chin and chest forward and lift your arms above, take a deep breath in. As you roll your complete body up and over your legs while keeping your abs engaged and reaching for your toes, exhale as you do so.

Plank hip dips The rotational action, which is analogous to rinsing, is what this variant of the exercise uses to work the obliques, the transverse abdominis, the stabilizer muscles in your shoulders, and the muscles in your back.

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 Oblique v-up This variation of the v-up works the obliques far more effectively than the original. 

Flutter kicks The lower abdominal and hip flexor muscles are activated by flutter kicks, which also strengthen the lower back. 

Sorenson Hold The Sorenson Hold is an example of an isometric workout in which you are required to keep your body in a neutral parallel posture while simultaneously lifting your chest. 

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