Do and Things to Not Do When Housebreaking Your Puppy

 Potty-train your dog

If you begin housetraining as soon as your puppy arrives home and maintain the routine throughout the clock, you will see results much more quickly. 

The box should be used immediately

Dogs don't want to pollute their sleeping and eating spaces, so crate training is a great way to teach them to hold their bowel and bladder control. 

Get your dog outside as often as possible

As a matter of thumb, a puppy's bladder control improves by roughly one hour every month of age.

Maintain outdoor regularity

Dogs and puppies, like people, are creatures of habit who develop a preference for certain surfaces based on the places they are regularly taken on walks. 

Don't play or talk to your  puppy

 simply stay motionless and let it sniff about you. Puppies are often sidetracked and may take up to ten to fifteen minutes to figure out what they're supposed to be doing. Be patient with your dog and give him or her time to catch on if you both wish to perfect this loving embrace. 

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Treat them kindly and lavish 

Make sure that your dog is rewarded with goodies and praise immediately after using the bathroom.

Be prompt in cleaning up any mishaps

Even if you're the most careful dog parent ever, mishaps can still occur. 

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