Depression-Related Exercises That Can Be Performed at Home

Enjoy Dancing to Some of Your Favorite Songs It's not necessary to do a high-intensity Zoom class for every single dancing workout.

Pull It to the Limits "When you're going through depression, even leaving the house can feel like a really difficult thing to do at times," Paul says. 

Grab A Friend Having a companion, even if just in the digital realm, may be of great assistance. 

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Run (In Place) Even if you are having trouble getting yourself out the door to go for a run, you can still get in a solid workout by running around the neighborhood. 

Get In Some Sun Salutations When you want to exercise but don't have the desire or capacity to do anything high intensity.

Go Online There are times when the amount of mental effort required to persuade oneself to exercise is so taxing that one is unable to devote any more mental energy to the actual physical movements being performed. 

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