Combining together coffee and modern machinery

Echnological progress has allowed for the creation of smart coffee machines that can be managed from afar via downloadable applications on a user's smartphone. 

Apps devoted to coffee are many, and they provide useful information such as where to buy beans, how to make the perfect cup, and more. Users may keep tabs on their coffee intake and try out various blends with the help of some applications.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled espresso machines let you manage and keep tabs on your brewing session from your smart device. These units can remember individual recipes and deliver extraction status updates in real time.

There are now technologically feasible automated pour-over systems that successfully simulate the hand-poured pour-over brewing process. 

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Technology in today's coffee grinders allows for fine-tuned modifications in grind size, even particle dispersion, and dosing precision. 

The coffee industry has also benefited from technological progress, namely in the realm of coffee accessories. Some smart coffee cups, for instance, come with temperature control, a caffeine counter, and the ability to sync with your phone for a more individualized drinking experience.

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