A list of the top U.S. cities that are pet-friendly

 Recreational Areas

Plenty of Dog- and Cat-Friendly Parks, Green Spaces, and Recreational Areas are Common in Pet-Friendly Cities. 

Hiking trails and walking paths 

Cities that make it a point to welcome pets generally have abundant hiking trails and walking paths that canine companions may enjoy with their owners.

Businesses and restaurants that accept pets 

Included in this category are businesses that welcome pets, such as cafés, restaurants with outdoor dining, motels, and specialty shops.

 Off-leash zones and  parks

Cities that welcome pets typically feature off-leash zones and parks set aside specifically for canine recreation. 

 Events and festivals 

Cities that place a premium on pet-friendliness frequently hold events and festivals with a focus on pets. 

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Quality veterinary care 

Quality veterinary care is readily available in pet-friendly communities. There are enough animal hospitals, clinics, and boarding kennels to ensure the safety and well-being of pets in the area.

The public transportation system 

The public transportation system in a pet-friendly city is one that allows owners to bring their dogs along.

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