A Compilation Of Delicious and Nutritious Foods That Will Not Cause You to Gain Weight 

Dieters are often counseled to continue eating until they have reached satiety or until they have eaten enough to satisfy their hunger.

For instance, if you have 200 calories worth of chicken breast, you could feel satiated, but if you consume 500 calories worth of cake, you might not. 

Studies have shown that the quantity of food consumed has a substantial influence on the degree to which a person feels full. The amount of meals that have a high water or air content can be increased without any further increase in calorie content.

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It is preferable to get some exercise at all, even if it's just on the weekends. In addition, recent studies have shown that doing out for longer lengths of time just on the weekends can yield health advantages

Studies have shown that eating foods high in protein satisfies hunger better than eating foods high in carbohydrates or fat. 

High fiber content: Consuming foods high in fiber helps you feel fuller longer since it adds bulk to your diet. 

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