7 Signs You're Ready for Marriage

My research shows that seeking a spouse and a family are the top two motivations for wanting to get married.

1. Why marry? 

Marriage freedom loss is the main issue. Decisions must consider the other person.

2. What would marriage provide

Marriage: favorable or negative? Jessie's parents are divorced. She claims to know few happy marriages.

3. Your thoughts on marriage?

You're ready for marriage if finding a mate or maximizing your current relationship is one of your top two priorities.

4. What are your life goals? 



If you find "the one," are you willing to sacrifice for the relationship?

5. Will you compromise to be a "we" instead of a "me?" 

Do you have children, aged parents, or financial obligations from changing careers?

6. Can you commit to a relationship emotionally?

Some people know they want to marry, but others need the proper person.

7. When will you marry?