7 Recipes for the Best Sandwiches in the History of the World

Num pang is a pork meatball dish. Bánh m, the popular Vietnamese sandwich, has a less well-known relative that goes by the name of num pang..

Leftover chicken salad sandwich Got some leftover chicken? Transform it into lunch with this delicious chicken salad recipe. This superb sandwich filler combines cooked chicken, herbs and scallions, bound together with a creamy dressing and speckled with tangy-sweet cranberries for perfect pops of flavor. Slather it in some brioche burger buns with fresh lettuce and juicy tomatoes.

Sandwich with smoked salmon and cucumbers that have been pickled. To make this mouthwatering sandwich, all you need is some salmon that has been coated with maple syrup, some mayonnaise flavored with curry, and a few ribbons of pickled cucumber. 

Gyros with chicken This traditional Greek cuisine can be eaten on the move and is surprisingly simple to make at home. 

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Sloppy Joe baguettes This stuffed baguette, which was inspired by the fantastic all-American tastes of a sloppy Joe, will turn lunch into something to look forward to on the weekend.

Falafel sandwich The preparation of falafel, which have a chewy middle and a crunchy outside, is surprisingly straightforward. 

Scampi po boys As a simple and rapid lunch option, breaded scampi are served piping hot and filled inside baguettes

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