7 important things to know about seafood in the USA

Extensive coastline

The United States of America has an extensive coastline that stretches along the Atlantic Ocean, the Pacific Ocean, the Gulf of Mexico, and the Great Lakes.


The United States of America is well-known for its lobster, with the lobster found in Maine being especially well-known. 

Gulf of Mexico

Shrimp from the Gulf The United States obtains a considerable amount of its shrimp supply from the Gulf of Mexico. 

Salmon of the Pacific Ocean

The Pacific Northwest and Alaska are well known for the quality of their wild salmon.


The United States of America is home to a robust oyster business, and certain areas, such as the Chesapeake Bay, the Gulf Coast

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Clams are quite popular in the United States, and they may be found in a variety of recipes, including clam chowder, linguine with clam sauce, and fried clams.


 The United States of America is home to a number of distinct kinds of crabs, such as the blue crab on the East Coast and the Dungeness crab on the West Coast. 

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