7 Comforting Signs He's The One

He lets you be yourself. You and he are comfortable exhibiting your just-woken face.

1. You trust him entirely.

He makes sure you feel like he's there, even if you have to be separated for work

2. He backs your goals.

If your mutual acquaintances say he talks about you while you're not around.

3. He often mentions you.

He brings you coffee before work? He brings you flowers at odd hours?

4. He enjoys your company



He reveals all! He can cry, laugh, dance, and sing out of tune with you. He tells you everything—good and terrible.

5. You're his best friend.

He truly wants to know your family. He respects your parents and blends in at their home.

6. He and your family love each other.

They may seem interested in your hobbies and interests at first, but they may be pretending to be what you desire.

7. He doesn't lie to you.